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  • Lauren Clark

    From the beginning to the end of this service, the customer care and service was excellent. They listened to my concerns and took the time to research my car's history. Knowing my car's history, they took their time and gave me a detailed report and put my mind at ease. They were professional, friendly and overall wonderful to deal with. I took the [...]

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  • Ryan Craig

    didn't buy here 'cause I lived in a different area at the time. Really impressed with the service. I sometimes stroll around the sales floor when waiting for my truck, and in that time I seen the Sales team meeting new and existing customers, and I've never seen anything except for really good customer service. Great work everyone!!!

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  • Derrick Stacey

    Our sales consultant Katherine has been fantastic over several Cadillac leases through Budd’s and we would highly recommend her to anyone. Budd’s Service Departmet has never let us down. Their service has been far above what we expected and their service manager and customer service staff have been friendly, honest, never recommend service not [...]

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  • Abrar Siddiqui

    Had a wonderful time at Budd's Cadillac while picking up my new car. Basil Silas was wonderful and made the entire process very pleasurable. We looked at multiple cars but settled with our choice based on the service and information we got from Basil. During finalizing the deal, Rob was very helpful and went out of his way to give very genuine advise [...]

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    GOOD: Juan O. Has been very helpful and very precise in scheduling and coordinating with me so far. My car is in service today to replace the windshield , so far so good. BAD: I was in for a super cruiser recall last week, It was scheduled for one hour after talking to the Cadillac coordinator and it ended up taking from 9 am to 3 pm, they did an HVAC [...]

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  • Splitend

    Richard & Chris were extremely efficient as was the entire staff that we dealt with the vehicle I bought was in mint condition, I would easily recommend anyone to them

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  • Marise

    Basil is an amazing person. He was very warm, informative and helpful. He was able to give my partner and I an amazing purchasing experience. He was very informative about the car and didn’t apply pressure on us at all through out the whole buying experience. He was flexible and available to meet us and talk to us whenever we had questions and was [...]

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  • Pierre

    This is my second Cadillac from Budds’ Chev Cadillac in Oakville. All car dealers should take a few tips from Budds’. I returned to see Basil Silas who was the same salesperson that sold me my first Cadillac. Unlike other dealers who have an extraordinary turnover rate, Budds’ does not which is a good sign for a dealership, or any company for [...]

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  • JGD123

    I purchased a new vehicle for my son at Budd's Chev and dealt with Basil Silas. Basil was very helpful and accommodating and I would highly recommend him.

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  • Sandy

    After thirty plus years at this location always great service!! The staff is always friendly and helpful. I have dealt with both the service staff and sales staff over the years.

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  • Carm

    Salesman was knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions. I would definitely purchase a car from him again. The meeting with the finance representative was not a positive meeting. It did not seem very professional and felt like a "money-grab".

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  • Roger

    Sales experience exceeded expectations. Sales rep was great and very helpful. Not at all happy about meeting with finance representative. He continually tried to up sell me on things like under coating tinted windows , special warranty. I almost walked out on the deal and will next time if anyone tries this again. If you want to sell me something [...]

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  • Suzy

    Phenomenal service. Team of experts who understand their product and more importantly their customers needs. Service was fast yet thorough. Highly recommend to all. Thank you!!

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  • jwilliams

    Cameron was very helpful in explaining everything to me and also leant me a vehicle as I was without one for a few weeks. He explained everything I needed to do in detail that helped with the whole process and made the transition smooth. I was able to communicate with him at any time I needed to via text message even over the holiday season and he was [...]

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  • Rob Mc

    I had Warranty work recently and was aided by Jennifer Peaker. Never have I had such a positive experience. Just because Jennifer is in the Service department doesn't mean she's not your best Salesperson too!

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