budds 2020 chevy silverado

Chevy’s Silverado is an extraordinarily capable full-size pickup truck. That’s probably why it sells in equally extraordinary numbers. But for some people, it’s not quite capable...Read More

budds distracted driving

Ringtones and text alerts are designed to grab your attention. Maps need looking at, and when ‘Shuffle’ gives you the wrong song… Of course you need a different one. These are just a...Read More

budds heads up display

We all know how important it is to keep our eyes on the road, (and our hands on the wheel,) but sometimes it just isn’t possible. Frequent glances down at the speedometer are essential, and ...Read More

Carrying things in your truck isn’t as easy as just throwing them over the tailgate. Sure, you can do that with your bike/toolbox/newly bought hardware items, but they’re going to slide around...Read More

budds car safety

In case you haven’t noticed, there are more cars on the roads every year. The good news is, every year our roads become safer. Cynics might argue that’s because congestion slows us down—but ...Read More

budds winter tire pressure

Open the driver’s door of your car and take a look at the sticker fixed to the door frame. The numbers you see there tell you how much air you should have in your tires. These calculations a...Read More

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