Sleeping out under the stars, canoe adventures, lazy days at the lake…. What’s not to like about summer? Well, would it surprise you to learn that your car isn’t a big fan? Summer is...Read More

budds 2019 chevy blazer

For example, the little black dress, a Rolex Oyster watch, and of course a well-styled Blazer. To be clear, we’re referring here to the Chevy Blazer SUV, not the item of clothing, But hey, i...Read More

budds car future

The self-driving car isn’t quite here—although the Cadillac CT6 equipped with Super CruiseTM gets close. With sophisticated mapping technology, advanced sensors, and software, Super Cruise al...Read More

budds low fuel warning

Although the first car (a Benz, if you’re curious) hit the road in 1879, the fuel gauge wasn’t invented until about a hundred years ago, in 1917. (It’s likely a lot of motorists ran ...Read More

budds fortune teller

It’s the 21st century… Weren’t we promised flying cars? Those aren’t on sale yet—although sometimes it seems like a new flying car concept is unveiled every week. Don’t expect to s...Read More

budds road trip

Thinking of taking a road trip? Summer is definitely the season to do it. The weather is good, there’s plenty of daylight and the scenery is at its best. Just don’t let car trouble spoil your ...Read More

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