At home. At a friend’s. On a plane. In the coffee shop. At the mall. (And yes, even in the Budds’ waiting area, so you can work or play while we’re servicing your vehicle.) The technolog...Read More

If you’ve ever glanced around when you’re stuck in traffic, you might have noticed most vehicles have only one occupant. (Keep that glancing discreet though; we don’t want to cause a...Read More

Here’s some good news for those who don’t enjoy winter: the worst is behind us. Despite the fact that there’s snow on the cars this morning at Budds’, the sun is climbing higher an...Read More

budds auto safety

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, safety is an important consideration. Airbags, head restraints, and crumple zones are examples of passive safety systems you might take for granted: a...Read More


Monday, February 19th is Family Day—and If that’s not a good reason to explore family-friendly vehicles we don’t know what is! To be clear, by “family-friendly” we mean those seating six...Read More


Buy a 2018 Cadillac XTS or a Chevrolet Impala and Ontario benefits. That’s because both these well-regarded vehicles are assembled at the Oshawa GM plant just 100km down the QEW from Budds’ in...Read More

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