budds winter tire pressure

Open the driver’s door of your car and take a look at the sticker fixed to the door frame. The numbers you see there tell you how much air you should have in your tires. These calculations a...Read More

budds winter road trip

We think of summer as road trip season, but what about the skiers and snowboarders? They need to travel in winter, when conditions aren’t nearly as favorable. Then there are the Holiday Season f...Read More

Customizing isn’t just about wild paint jobs and furry dice. It’s about making your car or truck your own. Yes, you might want to dress up the outside, but you could also personalize the inter...Read More

budds v2v messages

Since 1902, when Cadillac was born as a brand, the badge has been known for its share of firsts. First self-starting car. First enclosed body. First V8 in mass production. First automatic climate ...Read More

budds winter driving

Winter weather is one of the few things we can’t control. All we can do is be prepared. For drivers that means winter tires, an ice scraper and lots of washer fluid in the reservoir. But wha...Read More

budds winter checkup

It might be hard to believe with the weather we’ve had this week, but here’s some bad news. Winter is coming. (And no, that’s not just a Game of Thrones joke.) No, the cold weather really is...Read More

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