Don’t let its size put you off. Yes, the new 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 full-sized pickup is bigger and taller but you don’t need to be a football player to drive it. A host of features and ...Read More


If you’ve ever driven a 2018 Silverado 1500 you’ll know it’s an impressive truck. Quiet and capable, it can haul stuff, tow a trailer or take the family on vacation. So why should you look a...Read More

budds red light camera

Thanks to advances like seatbelts and airbags cars are safer today than they’ve ever been. Better still, modern technology is doing more to help you avoid accidents. Wherever there’s an engine...Read More

budds summer

One thing car owners don’t need to worry about in summer is salt. It’s not getting carried into the car on the soles of boots and it’s not getting trapped in crevices under the bodywork. Tha...Read More


Here’s something you’ve never seen before: a compact SUV from Cadillac. Presenting the Cadillac XT4—for those who don’t want the heft of the Escalade, or even the more moderately-sized...Read More

budds car wash

Regular washing has benefits beyond keeping your car looking good. Keeping things clean maintains the paint finish, delays corrosion, and stops you from getting dirty hands every time you open the...Read More

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