Why You Should Not Ignore Minor Auto Services and Repairs

A simple fact that many car owners overlook is that the more you invest in your vehicle’s maintenance, the more you’re likely to save in the long run. This is particularly true when it comes to routine maintenance. To some, keeping up with oil levels, routine engine service, battery checkups, and other auto services may seem costly and unnecessary. However, if you compare the cost of maintenance to the potential expenses of major repairs, the benefits of regular maintenance become clear. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of regular maintenance and what are some of the minor services that car owners often overlook. 

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Top 4 Auto Services that Drivers Often Neglect

1. Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are essential to keep your car’s engine running longer. New oil reduces the friction between your engine’s moving parts, allowing it to operate more effectively and efficiently. Though the best way to learn when to get an oil change is by going through the owner’s manual, you can also consider the general rule of thumb to change your car’s oil about every 5,000 kilometres or three months — whichever comes first. 

Why should you not ignore an oil change? Ignoring an oil change could lead to engine failure and the need for a whole engine replacement, which is a much more costly repair. 

2. Cooling System 

A cooling system helps prevent the engine from overheating and efficiently cleans and clears any contaminants that may be present in it. The experts at Budds’ Chev recommend getting a cooling system service every 50,000 kilometres or every two to three years, whichever comes first.

Why should you not ignore a cooling system service? If you don’t get a cooling system service, it could result in engine damage or full-blown failure. 

3. Tire Rotations

Having your vehicle’s tires rotated regularly can add to their durability and lifespan, as it may limit premature and uneven wear. It’s typically recommended that the tires on your car be rotated at least twice a year to ensure that the tread wears evenly and the tires last longer.

Why should you not ignore tire rotation? Well-cared tires can last up to 80,000 km, 100,000 km, or more — but that’s only possible if you rotate them regularly to avoid premature wear, leading to early tire replacement.

4. Belt Replacements

Available in different types—including fan, serpentine and timing—these belts are your vehicle’s unsung heroes, ensuring the smooth functionality of its engine. 

Why should you not ignore belt replacements? Unfortunately, belts are under strain every time you drive your vehicle, so they’re susceptible to cracking and wear. This may consequently damage the engine and hamper your car’s overall performance. 

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