How Does Chevrolet’s Super Cruise Technology Work?

Super Cruise technology activated on a Chevrolet vehicle

Super Cruise System Features

Many new-age Chevrolet models, including the 2024 Tahoe, 2024 Silverado, 2024 Blazer EV and 2024 Equinox EV, come equipped with Super Cruise technology, which is a state-of-the-art hands-free technology. This driver-assistance technology enhances your driving experience, providing peace of mind with its automatic, hands-free driving, lane change and lane-centring capabilities. It operates under specific conditions and with an attentive driver on compatible highways, spanning over 640,000 kilometres (this varies depending on the model) across Canada and the US. Follow along to learn more about this new-age technology and how it works from our experts at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC, giving you easy drives to your favourite places. 

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What Do You Get With Super Cruise Technology?

Functioning with Chevrolet Connected Services, the Super Cruise technology utilizes real-time sensors, cameras, LiDAR map data and GPS to analyze road construction, helping make drivers and commutes more comfortable. Below are some features that you get with Super Cruise-enabled Chevrolet vehicles. Please note that some of these features may be limited to specific models/trim levels.

  • Lane Centering: The built-in cameras and sensors identify lane markings, helping your Chevy vehicle remain in the centre of the lane while driving hands-free.
  • Automatic Lane Change: When the built-in sensors detect that the vehicle(s) ahead is moving slowly, the SuperCruise system, when properly equipped, initiates a turn signal and changes lanes to pass the slower vehicle(s) and return to the original lane without the driver’s intervention. 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: It works in sync with the Super Cruise technology to detect other vehicles travelling in the same direction on the same path to control acceleration and braking to maintain a pre-set speed and distance. 
  • OnStar Emergency Service & Assistance: You get a priority connection to an OnStar Emergency Certified Advisor, who can provide certain types of critical assistance. 

How to Engage Super Cruise?

  1. Active Adaptive Cruise Control on your Chevrolet vehicle first. When you turn it on, the instrument cluster will turn green with the speed shown. 
  2. When you get to a compatible highway, pay the required attention and ensure that all the driving conditions are met. The Super Cruise technology will then activate symbolized with a white symbol on the instrument cluster. 
  3. After that, you can press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel to enable using other features. Once you get the green light on the steering wheel, you can remove your hands and enjoy hands-free driving. 
  4. If you wish to disengage the Super Cruise, simply take control of the steering wheel and turn off the Super Cruise button. 

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