How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

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4 Top Tips To Get Your Car Spring-Ready

As you finally look forward to the cozy and warm spring season, the experts at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC are here to remind you that the harsh winter can leave its mark on your vehicle. That is why you should get your car prepared ahead of time to enjoy seamless and comfortable spring driving. With some attention and care, you can ensure a top driving condition, as well as add to the efficiency and overall performance of your car through and through the spring season. Follow along with our Budds’ Chev experts as we outline below some of the tested ways to get your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC car prepped for spring.

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  1. Thorough cleaning: Wet winter conditions expose your vehicle to winter salt, moisture, mud, and other grime. This rigid buildup makes the exterior prone to corrosion, which is why you should get your car cleaned thoroughly. High-pressure sprayers and water hoses work the best to spray off stubborn grime. 
  2. Swap tires: When the temperature starts to hover around 7° Celsius or above, it is your cue to swap your winter tires with your all-season or summer tires. This is because snow tires may not give the desired performance and efficiency in both dry and rainy spring road conditions. 
  3. Change your car oil: In winter, we recommend using lower-viscosity oil. But for spring or in warmer temperatures, you must use thicker, high-viscosity motor/engine oils. An oil change also ensures that your important powertrain system has clean oil, free of dirt and debris.
  4. Check your air conditioning system: You’re moving from colder temperatures to hotter ones, which means you should get your air conditioning system refreshed to ensure the air filters are clean, offer a proper flow of air and are free from dirt or other dust particles. 

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