What is the Ideal Tire Pressure For Winter?

Winter tire

Find The Perfect Tire Pressure For Your Car During Cold Months at Budds’ Chev

Do you know that cold weather affects the tire pressure of your car? Simply put, as the season changes, the driving requirements and conditions of your vehicles also change. Just like summer tires won’t perform optimally in winter; running your car with the same tire pressure as in summer will also affect its performance during the cold months. So, to ensure you enjoy a comfortable, safe and smooth ride throughout the winter season, having the right tire pressure is important. Wondering what is the ideal pressure for your car tires in winter? Read on as the experts at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC have outlined below the effects of cold weather on the tires and the preferable pressure they should be on. 

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What are the Common Effects of Cold Weather on Tire Pressure?

In cold weather, the air pressure inside your tires drops automatically because gases tend to contract when exposed to cold temperatures. The moisture in the air also condenses on the tire surface, causing it to lose pressure. Moreover, locations with high elevations result in reduced tire pressure with every added meter of altitude. Consequently, these changes in tire pressure lead to:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Compromised handling and stability 
  • Decreased traction control

What is the Optimal Winter Tire Pressure?

The experts at Budds’ Chev recommend keeping your tire pressure typically between 30 to 35 PSI in winter. But, remember, this may vary depending on different factors; for example, if you have an all-wheel drive pickup truck, you should keep the tire pressure to 35 PSI, which is the norm. It is generally advised to keep the tire pressure slightly high in winter to compensate for the drop in pressure due to the colder weather conditions. Also, if you get confused about the right tire pressure in any season, refer to the owner’s manual; there, you can find the values that match perfectly to the model, type, and other requirements of your car. 

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