What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down in Winter?

A man changing his car's tire

How Do You Survive a Car Breakdown in Winter?

As the cold winter weather starts to barrel down on us, we should constantly remind ourselves how important it is to prepare ahead to survive unpredictable situations during the winter months. Roads in winter are tricky, and anything can happen when driving through them, especially a vehicle breakdown. Irrespective of whether you have an old or new model, car breakdowns in winter are common, but you can survive them with some patience and proper knowledge. Here’s a handy guide for you with a few tips, outlined by the experts at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC, that you should keep at the top of your mind every time you’re going out in winter weather. Take a look!

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5 Tips to Survive a Vehicle Breakdown in Winter

  1. Call for roadside assistance: Use your vehicle-compatible mobile application or any other service provider to call for roadside assistance as soon as you get stranded on a winter road. Waiting for longer, especially in situations like a snowstorm or heavy downpour, may put you and your vehicle at risk. 
  2. Get a winter emergency kit ready: An emergency kit is your lifeline in situations like these, as it provides all the necessary items/help you would need. From blankets to snacks to windshield washer fluid, this kit is the perfect solution to keep you equipped until any help/assistance reaches you. 
  3. Alert other drivers on the road: Do this by turning on your car’s emergency flasher lights, ensuring other drivers on the road can see you from a distance and may be able to provide necessary help as quickly as possible. 
  4. Start your engine occasionally: You can turn on the engine occasionally to stay warm and safe, but make sure to clear off any snow and ice from the car’s tailpipe to avoid exhaust fumes entering the car cabin, increasing carbon monoxide levels, which can be dangerous for you. 
  5. Some things to keep in mind: While pulling your car off the road, make sure you stay away from oncoming traffic and park your car at a safe spot while waiting for roadside assistance. Be aware of the surroundings, especially during the nighttime. If assistance takes longer than expected, call 911 and honk your horn to get attention, where needed. 

Follow these tips to make it out of a car breakdown safely. To avoid getting into such vehicle problems, contact the service department at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC to schedule a detailed auto maintenance service with our industry-trained technicians.