How to Maintain Your Car in Top Condition To Get the Best Resale Value?

a technician inspecting a carPlanning on selling (or trading in) your car but not getting the desired value? Well, you can actually improve your vehicle’s resale value without making a huge financial investment or getting extensive automotive knowledge. Wondering how? By following some easy care tips and recommendations from the highly knowledgeable product specialists at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC that can help you make the most out of your car’s value. Read on to learn. 

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3 Top Ways Through Which You Can Retain Your Vehicle’s Retail Value

1. Never Miss Your Service Appointments

Consistently taking your car to service appointments adds greatly to its value, as well as keeps it in proper working condition. In monthly or seasonal auto maintenance service, the technicians properly examine all the different components, including the engine, transmission system, cabin filters and headlights, for any damages and malfunctions, which helps keep up with your vehicle’s condition and functionality. 

2. Take Care of All the Documents

From service records to the owner’s manual, make sure you maintain all the necessary documents/records of your car. This documentation or physical paper gives an insight into the history of work done so far on or for your vehicle. Moreover, having proper documentation eliminates the hassle of executing the sale and preparing inspection reports.

3. OEM Parts and Accessories

Got a broken lightbulb or an overused cabin air filter? Replace it as soon as possible to retain the best value of your vehicle because all these elements determine how well you have maintained the vehicle. Moreover, whenever you plan to replace or change your missing or damaged parts, always opt for the OEM accessories and parts because they can go a long way to add up to your car’s resale value. If you’re looking for high-quality OEM parts and accessories, you can visit our parts department, where we embrace a comprehensive inventory of accessories and parts for all makes and models of Chevrolet, Buick and GMC.

Book a Service Appointment at Budds’ Chev

Need help with maintaining your car? Book a service appointment with our industry-trained technicians, who follow industry standard practices and OEM recommendations to take care of your cars. Moreover, if you need to learn what all you need to elevate the resale value of your vehicle, feel free to speak to our service advisors at 647-424-3498.