What Safety Features New and Teen Drivers Should Look for in a Car

Safety features of the 2023 Chevrolet Trax

Top Safety Innovations for New and Teen Drivers 

Nowadays, most vehicles come equipped with safety features that are specially designed, keeping new and teen drivers in mind. These advanced safety innovations aim to instill safe driving behaviour, as well as boost confidence to make informed decisions during tricky road situations while prioritizing safety. If you’re a teen or new driver, do check out the list below of some top-edge safety features and driver-assist technologies suggested by the product experts at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC to look for in the new-age cars, making your road journeys safer, intuitive and stress-free. 

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Teen Driver Technology 

It comes built in many new vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick and GMC, helping coach a new or teen driver by letting parents or guardians set a speed alert, volume limit, seat belt alert and more such safety parameters. A system also sends out an in-vehicle report card to monitor and analyze the driver’s driving performance. 

Adaptive Cruise Control 

This hands-free driver-assist technology delivers great peace of mind as it uses built-in radar sensors to adjust a pre-set and safe speed limit and distance from the vehicle moving ahead on compatible highways and undivided roads. 

RearView Camera 

To make maneuvering any car, SUV or pickup truck easier and more convenient, especially while reversing or parking it in confined spaces, modern vehicles like the Buick Envision, Chevrolet Trailblazer and GMC Sierra 1500 come equipped with a RearView Camera, offering a grid image of the surroundings — including blind-spot areas. 

Forward Collision Warning 

Often paired with an emergency braking system, Forward Collision Warning uses a combination of built-in cameras, radar and lasers (depending on the model or trim level) to scan the road ahead to alert the driver of a potential collision. The system offers a mix of audible and visual signs, and when no driver action is detected pushes the emergency brake to avoid any accidents.  

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