DIY Tips: How to Get Rid of Car Bumper Dents

a small dent in a car bumperEscaping one or more dents in the vehicle is rare for any car owner. A wrongly thrown basketball, parking lot mishaps and fallen branches are among a few common causes of car dents. Sure, you can take out these dents or dings by taking your vehicle to a body shop or Service Centre, but it is worth trying to get rid of them with some tested do-it-yourself tips and tricks, which are inexpensive and easy to pull off. Here are a few DIY tips from the expert technicians at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC to help remove small dents from your car. Take a look!

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Top Ways to Pull Dents from Your Car Bumpers at Home 

  • Use a vacuum cleaner: Need a dent puller? Make one at home. Suction can be the perfect tool to remove dents from your vehicle’s bumper, so all you need for that is your household vacuum cleaner. For bigger dents, just add a bucket or pot on the vacuum tube using some tape and get rid of those dents in no time. 
  • Boiling water: This works best on plastic bumpers. The heat from the water will make the plastic flexible so that you can put the dent in place easily. All you need to do is pour some boiling water on and around the dent and try to push the dent back in. 
  • Use a hair dryer: It works like boiling water to heat the affected area and pull it back to attain normalcy. You can pair the hair dryer with an air compressor, so when the plastic expands because of the heat, the air compressor can exert pressure on the dent to get it back into shape. 
  • A cup plunger: As efficiently as a cup plunger helps you get rid of clogged drains, it works exceptionally well on small to medium-sized car bumper dents. All you need to do is splash some hot water on both the dent and plunger and push and pull as required until you get the dents removed.

Get Your Car Bumper Dents Removed at Budds’ Chev

If you’re unsure about using all these ways, visit the Service Centre at Budds’ Chevrolet GMC Buick. Our skillful technicians have years of experience ensuring your vehicle remains at its best. Please feel free to use the secured form to book a service appointment with our expert technicians.