How To Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioning System in Good Shape

A car's air conditioning system
The hot summer is almost here, and with it comes the reminder to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming warmer days. From maintaining your car’s powertrain system to clearing off accumulated winter salt, detailed end-of-season auto maintenance is a must to keep your car up and running. Besides that, one important component of your vehicle that needs your attention the most during summer is the air conditioning system; because the last thing you want on a hot summer day is a malfunctioned A/C. A yearly inspection, especially at the beginning of the spring or summer, helps you discover leaking refrigerant problems, clogged air filters,  malfunctioning blower fans and several other air conditioning problems. Follow along to look at the top five expert-recommended tips to help you optimize the efficiency and performance of the air conditioning system of your car(s). 

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Top 5 Car A/C Maintenance Tips 

  1. Deep Clean Your Car: Begin your car A/C maintenance by deep cleaning your car. This includes clearing off dust particles, debris, residue and dirt from the cabin space, as well as air filters. Just by properly cleaning or vacuuming your vehicle, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the performance of the air conditioning system. 
  2. Clean, Replace or Change the Air Filters: After not being used for almost four to five winter months or more (depending on your location), the air filters get clogged due to winter salt accumulation, moisture or dust. So, make sure you clean or replace the cabin air filters to optimize the performance of the A/C system. 
  3. Run the A/C on Defrost Mode: During the first few days, turn on your car’s A/C and run it on Defrost mode for about 10 minutes and on the coldest temperature setting. This will keep the compressor running and maintains proper pressure. In fact, this will also clear off moisture, dust particles and dirt buildup accumulated around the air filters. 
  4. Keep an Eye on Cracks, Damages and Leaks: While cleaning your vehicle, look closely for any cracks, leakage and damages in the air conditioning system, as this may lead to severe problems. Moreover, if the A/C is blowing warm air or is making an odd sound, it may alert you of possible refrigerant leakage issues or cracks in the system. 
  5. Take Help From the Experts: Want your car A/C fixed? Head to Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC to get in touch with our highly experienced technicians, who follow industry standard practices and OEM recommendations to fix various car problems. Our team of expert technicians will closely examine your car’s A/C to find signs of leakage or damage or to determine whether you need to change/replace the air filters, ensuring optimum system performance. 

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