How to Maintain Your Car Headlights in Winter

car headlight covered in snowDuring cold winter months, the sudden load of winter salt, freezing rain, black ice and slush severely affect the functionality of your car’s various systems. From car battery to headlights, you need to take care of all these significant elements to avoid getting stuck on challenging winter terrains — and, most importantly, to remain safe and protected against potential on-road threats. Besides accentuating the exterior of the vehicles, headlights enhance visibility on foggy and gloomy winter roads. Due to challenging winter driving conditions, the lens portion of the headlights starts to fade with time, compromising the bulbs’ candlepower and, consequently, resulting in poor nighttime visibility. This is why you need to take proper care of the headlights time and again to maneuver through tricky terrains easily and safely with greater peace of mind. 

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Follow along to learn some of the best car headlight maintenance tips from the highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC

Top 5 Car Headlights Maintenance Tips 

  • Clean your headlights thoroughly: Every time you plan to step out during the winter, clean your headlights thoroughly. Get rid of all the winter salt, moisture, debris or snow accumulated around the glass. Before leaving, test the headlights on both low and high beam capacities at full brightness to ensure they work properly. 
  • Use headlight protectants:  This could be a slush-resistant spray or fluid that helps keep off debris, dust particles and winter salt away from your car’s headlights. Choose a good-quality liquid-based polishing compound which protects the headlights against harmful UV rays and oxidation. 
  • Park your car at the right spot: If possible, store your car in a dry and sheltered place, preferably a garage, to limit contact with moisture, dust particles or excess snow. You can also cover your vehicle using a tarp or car cover if you don’t have access to a protected space. 
  • Look for damaged or broken parts: As part of your winter car maintenance routine, make sure to keep an eye on any broken/damaged or non-working headlight parts like bulbs or auto-dimming sensors. 
  • Restore your headlights: For this, you must get in touch with the expert technicians or glass professionals at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC, who can fix your car headlights like no other. The experienced technicians will follow a headlight maintenance process, which includes sealing, polishing, sanding and waxing the headlights to maintain proper visibility and functioning.

For more such winter auto maintenance tips, visit Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC. Our team of experienced technicians and automobile professionals use the industry’s best practices and OEM recommendations to take care of your cars.