Tips To Prevent Your Car Doors From Locking in Extreme Winter

A vintage car covered in snow
If you usually park your car out in the open during winter, it can call for some very common yet frustrating problems like broken heaters and frozen car doors. The usual culprits for these scenarios are freezing rain, extreme snowfall, sleet and freezing temperatures. Imagine getting stuck with a car door that refuses to open, a lock that denies budging, or both simultaneously. Though it can take up to a few minutes or longer to get rid of freezing shut vehicle doors, the good part is that it is preventable. You can solve and prevent this problem with some preparation, practical tips, a little know-how, and patience. Follow along to learn about the effective techniques and tips to prevent your car doors from freezing shut in winter from the experienced team of technicians at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC. 

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  1. Keep an eye on the weather: Always keep an eye on the weather forecast in the winter season to avoid the extreme weather effects on your vehicle. When heavy snowfall or freezing rain is predicted — get your car under a shelter. Of course, you may not always have access to a covered parking space, but you can try to protect your car with a winter car cover or tarp to minimize the amount of moisture reaching the door locks and parts. 
  2. Keep your doors unlocked: If possible, leave your car doors open. This may sound a little risky, but it works wonderfully to prevent your vehicle’s doors from freezing shut. You can also place duct tape over the doors to keep them from freezing. 
  3. Replace rubber gaskets: Make sure you replace any damaged or missing rubber seal on the doors, especially along the edges. Inspect the seal on all the doors, and if you notice any gaps or damages, visit the service department at Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC for instant replacement or repair. 
  4. Make cleanliness your friend: Whether you drive your car routinely or occasionally during the cold winter months, make this a practice to clean the entire door frame to keep it clear of winter salt accumulation, road debris, water, dirt and other residues. Cleaning your door frame regularly will make it less prone to getting shut during freezing temperatures. 
  5. Use protective liquid/coating: Protective lubricants are your best friends during the winter season. Be it your car doors, cargo bed or windows, an oil coating can make accessing all these entries smoother and easier. You can use either rubber conditioners or silicone spray lubricant for this job, as both these options are safe on your car’s exterior. 

If you need more help from trained and knowledgeable technicians regarding winter auto maintenance, feel free to visit Budds’ Chevrolet Buick GMC — a reliable car dealership in Oakville, ON.