What’s the Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Car Parts?

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Vs. Aftermarket Car Parts

Getting the right automotive car parts for your vehicle when it needs repair is important to ensure that your vehicle lasts for many more years. When you take your vehicle to your local dealership’s service department for repairs, you’ll get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) car parts. If you take your vehicle to a local independent repair shop, your vehicle will most likely get aftermarket car parts. The difference between these parts can be very big, and knowing what they are will help you make an informed decision on where you should take your car for repairs or where you should purchase your car parts if you’re doing your own repairs. Keep reading to learn more about what the differences are between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versus aftermarket car parts.

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Aftermarket Car Parts

Pros – 

  • Can be less expensive
  • Quality can be equal to OEM
  • More variety of parts to choose from
  • More availability

Cons – 

  • Not made by the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Quality can vary greatly
  • Selection can be overwhelming
  • May not have a warranty

OEM Car Parts

Pros – 

  • Made by the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Matches the parts that your vehicle was made from
  • Easier to choose and find your car part
  • Greater quality and provides better performance
  • OEM parts come with a warranty

Cons – 

  • Can be harder to find outside of the dealership
  • Can be more expensive

Which Are the Best Car Parts?

When it comes to car parts, not all are created equal. Aftermarket car parts can be different from one manufacturer to another, while car parts from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are always going to be the same. While you may save some money when buying aftermarket car parts, you may end up paying for them in end. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is the way to go if you want the best and most reliable car parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle.

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