What Are the Steps for Using GMC Super Cruise?

How Do You Use GMC Super Cruise? 

With cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use interface, the Super Cruise technology allows you to enjoy a hands-free driving experience on compatible roads and highways. The top-notch technology lets you control braking and acceleration using the Adaptive Cruise Control feature to maintain a preset distance between vehicles moving ahead and approaching from behind. 

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The GMC driver assistance technology offers a variety of hands-free features and technologies, including

  • Automatic lane change 
  • Lane change on demand 
  • Lane centring 
  • Forward collision system 
  • Real-time cameras
  • LiDar map data 

Steps to Use GMC Advanced Driver Assist Technology 


Step 1

To start using the Super Cruise feature, press the Adaptive Cruise Control button on the steering wheel to turn it on. When it is turned on, you’ll notice the white symbol on the driver instrument cluster. If you’ve already pre-set the speed to maintain, the Adaptive Cruise Control will turn green.

Step 2 

Once the Adaptive Cruise Control is turned on, a white Super Cruise will display but only after detecting that you’re on a compatible highway and all driving conditions are in place, including lane markings visible, no system faults and available GPS support. 

Step 3 

After ensuring it’s safe to go hands-free, press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel. Only remove your hands from the steering wheel once the steering wheel light and the symbol turn green or illuminate a green signal. If you wish to retake the vehicle’s control, press the Super Cruise button and then press the brake pedal

Step 4

The Super Cruise system is equipped with an automatic lane change feature, which detects the road traffic to change lanes without the driver’s intervention. When automatic lane change is not possible, the system will send an alert to the driver to take over manual control. 

The top-notch driver assist technology also embraces a Lane Change on Demand feature that allows the driver to activate the turn signal. The Super Cruise system will detect the acceptable opening for a successful lane change. 

When Not To Use the Super Cruise 

There are certain road conditions and situations where you should not activate the Super Cruise-assisted technology, such as:

  • Challenging or difficult driving conditions
  • Construction zones
  • On a highway exit lane or freeway 
  • Sloppy, bumpier or challenging road conditions, including ice, snow, mud, rain
  • Roads with poor lane markings 
  • Roads with limited visibility

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