Available Chevrolet Towing Camera Views

A 2022 Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s Advanced Camera Technologies

The all-new 2022 Chevrolet Silverado embraces best-in-class camera technologies that make towing heavy items, travel equipment and other belongings easy and safe. Available eight towing cameras offer up to 15 driving, hitching and parking views, covering blind spots to ensure maximum visibility. You can add this technology package to different Silverado models, including Silverado 1500, Silverado HD, Silverado ZR2 and Silverado LTD. 

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Driving Views 

The Chevy Silverado is available with six driving views to offer a safe driving experience. The advanced technology virtually erases the trailer or item you’re towing to keep an eye on vehicles approaching from behind. 

  • Front Camera View: Provides front view guidelines to assist the driver in parking and driving safely.
  • Pic-in-Pic Side View: Offers two views — rear trailer and rear side view for better visibility.
  • Transparent Trailer: Allows the driver to see through the trailer by virtually erasing it for a clearer view. 
  • Rear Trailer View: Shows vehicles approaching from behind.
  • Rear Camera Mirror: Available dual-function camera provides an unobstructed and broader view of the rear on the rear-view mirror.
  • Inside Trailer View: Allows the driver to monitor items or contents inside the cargo room.
Bird's eye view of Chevrolet Silverado's surroundings
Close-up of a hitch alignment connecting with the Chevy Silverado


Hitching View 

Available four hitching views are:

  • Surround View: Offers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding of the Chevy Silverado.
  • Hitch View: Provides a close-up view of the hitch to ensure proper alignment and connection.
  • Rear Top-Down View: Shows the distance between the cargo bed and nearby vehicles/objects.
  • Bed View: Allows you to keep an eye on what’s inside the trailer or cargo van. It also helps with the gooseneck and fifth wheel hitching.

Parking Views

Available five parking views ensure easy and safe parking by avoiding potential collision with nearby vehicles, objects and pedestrians. 

  • Rear Side View: Provides a view of each side of the truck and trailer to prevent nearby touching objects from the side.
  • Rear Camera View: Displays the rear of the pickup truck to assist with parking in restricted spaces.
  • Front Side View: Provides visuals of the front wheels for tight maneuvering.
  • Front Top-Down View: Shows a top-view of the front tires, hood and bumper of the Chevy Silverado for easy parking in a confined space.
  • Bowl View: Provides a 3D surround view of the truck’s rear. 

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