Best Tips for Safe Driving in Heavy Rains

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What Should You Do While Driving in Heavy Rains? 

Driving during the rainy season or sudden downpours can be tricky when the road gets sloppy with low visibility. In fact, the chances of losing control over the vehicle are higher when the rainwater mixes with debris, oil and sometimes winter salt on the road, making them more slippery. You may require to make adjustments to your usual driving practices to ensure maximum safety. Below are some tips you can keep in mind while driving in heavy rains to prevent unwanted circumstances. 

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Know the Basics – Effective First-Hand Measures to take 

If you get caught in heavy rainfall, make sure to follow the below steps while driving for maximum on-road safety:

  • Turn on your headlights, using low-beams or fog lights
  • Double the normal distance that you maintain between the vehicle moving ahead 
  • Be gentle with the accelerator to maintain a steady speed to avoid drifting on slippery roads 
  • Drive in the middle of the road as most Canadian roads slope towards the edge to direct the rainwater or melted snow away
  • Don’t use heavy braking as this may drive you away from the road/lane 
  • Avoid following trucks and buses as their spray can decrease the visibility 
  • If you approach standing water, avoid driving through it as you may not be able to judge its depth
  • Do not use Cruise Control
  • Roll down your windows, slightly, to ventilate the car as it reduces humidity levels to increase visibility

Pull Your Car Over For Maximum Safety 

Pull your car off the road, in a safe location, if you continue to experience difficulty driving in a downpour. You should avoid stopping on unstable slopes. It’s better to avoid areas with standing water. Don’t park your vehicle under a tree, building, or other objects that may attract lightning that can strike your car, leading to severe and sometimes catastrophic damage. 

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