Will Buick Make Electric Vehicles?

The new Buick tri-colour badge on a future model.

Buick’s First Electric Vehicle to Debut in 2024 

Buick is embarking on a new journey in the automotive industry as it plans to go fully electric by 2030. The company is set to launch its first electric vehicle in 2024, taking its first step toward the future. Buick’s first electric model will be called, Electra.

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The EV lineup will have Buick’s new logo to go along with a new model name as well as a revamped exterior, interior designs, and a refreshing colour palette. Stay tuned with Budds’ Chev to browse through some of the most exciting design and performance-orientated features of the upcoming electric vehicle series of Buick. 

New Buick Logo Design 

The new badge is a remarkable change that you may notice in the forthcoming Buick EVs. The new electric SUV badge will have a horizontally-aligned and sleek layout that complements the brand’s famous tri-shield insignia. You will see dynamic, ultra-modern and luxurious electric SUVs that offer smooth and refined on-road performance

The interiors of the Buick electric vehicles will showcase the perfect blend of modernity and sophistication to deliver the utmost comfort and convenience. The seamless craftsmanship and intuitive interior design will ensure a great sensory experience. 

Advanced Technology Integration 

Along with the exceptional design, the upcoming Buick lineup of electric SUVs will have additional modern technological features to offer a comprehensive driving experience. The brand plans to deliver common connectivity features like Wi-Fi connectivity, remote key fob, surround sound stereo, advanced infotainment system and the OnStar safety suite. 

Buick has talked about introducing one of the most intriguing features in its electric SUV lineup, which is biometric seat sensors. These sensors will analyze the driver’s behaviour to sync the cabin’s vibe with it. If the sensors feel that the driver is tensed or stressed, the technology will change the music, release scents or turn down the lights to create a calming and comforting ambience.

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