Why Does Your Car Pull to One Side?

A stock photo of a person working on a car's alignment.

The Common Causes for Your Car to Drift Off to One Direction    

A routinely maintained car should move in a straight line. If you start to notice that your vehicle is pulling to either the right or left side, it raises a concern. In most cases, aging and irregular auto maintenance are common causes of this problem. Stay tuned with Budds’ Chev to learn about the most common causes a car is pulling side-to-side before repairs get too expensive or create unnecessary danger. 

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Wheel Alignment 

Wheel alignment plays a crucial role in ensuring your car’s optimal performance and balance. Driving across bumpier, uneven, or poorly managed roads can affect your car’s alignment, pulling it in one direction. There are other factors as well that may affect your tire alignment, such as:

  • Tire pressure is the critical factor that determines the performance of your car on the road. Take a look at the owner’s manual or visit the information center at a gas station to learn about the correct tire pressure for your vehicle. 
  • Tread is the rubber part of a tire that comes in contact with the surface or road while driving. And with time, the tread wears away, which affects the functionality and performance of the wheels.
  • In some cases, poor wheel alignment results from a manufacturing defect known as tire conicity. The belts that lie under the tread are mostly not properly aligned, which makes the wheel exhibit a conical shape. 

Suspension and Steering 

If your tires are perfectly aligned, you should check your car’s suspension and steering wheel. A damaged or poorly functioning suspension system is one of the reasons that cause your car to pull on one side. Another component that may cause this problem is your car’s power steering system. 

The components that may affect the functioning of the steering and suspension include broken or damaged ball joints, tie rods and strut bearings. 

Braking System

If your car is drifting on one side when you push the brakes, a technician will look after that area first. Like the suspension system, your car’s braking system also wears out over time. You should take care of this with regular auto maintenance that may follow changing the callipers or brake pad to ensure maximum traction, especially while driving across damaged or slippery surfaces. 

Make an appointment with highly-experienced technicians at Budd’s Chev who helps in repairing and maintaining your vehicle to ensure maximum functionality and optimal performance.