Is it Time for You to Get a New Set of Windshield Wipers?

A stock photo of a car with its windshield wipers up.

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Wiper Blades?

On average, the windscreen wipers last between 6 months to a year, depending on the quality, brand and usage. The continuous swish-swish, deteriorated wiper squeegee, everyday wear and tear, and harmful UV rays primarily affect the functioning and condition of the wiper blades. Some visible signs that indicate replacing the windshield wiper blades may include:

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1. Squeaking

Most car wiper blades are made from rubber that becomes less effective over time. Squeaking occurs when the rubber blades fail to contact the glass, leaving dirt and water deposits on the windshield. 

2. Smearing or Streaking 

These conditions may result in water/dust bands or smear across the windshield. Smearing occurs when the edge of a wiper becomes blunt or rounded due to everyday wear, whereas streaking is when the wiper blade gets cracked or damaged due to road grits, excessive cold or heat exposure.

3. Chattering 

When your windshield wiper blades start to vibrate or skip cleaning the windshield, this is called chattering. It occurs during variating hot and cold temperatures or extended periods when the wipers haven’t been used.

Some Routine Windshield Maintenance Tips 

Checking on your windscreen wipers should be on your routine vehicle maintenance list. And if it’s not, you should add it to stay updated on any damage or wear. 

1. Use Your Windscreen Wipers Frequently 

When you leave your windshield wipers unused for an extended period, the wiper squeegees start to settle down and dry out in one position. This may lead to streaks and scratches on your front or rear windshields. 

2. Clean the Wiper Squeegees 

You may notice dirt buildup around the wiper squeegees, leading to smearing and streaking. To avoid that, clean the wiper squeegees regularly with a windshield washer solvent or warm water. 

3. Maintain Your Windshield 

Do not use wipers on a dry windshield because even small dirt particles or road grits may cause serious damage to the windshield and wiper squeegees. Clean the front and rear windshield with water, rinse thoroughly and use glass polish to remove dust or winter salt buildup. 

4. Keep them in the Right Position 

Especially when they are not in use. When the vehicle is turned off, always place the windshield wipers in the down position. 

5. Invest in a Windshield Wiper Fluid 

A windshield wiper fluid offers a clear view and keeps the wiper blades lubricated to prevent them from drying out. Washer or wiper fluid also adds to the durability and performance of the washer fluid pump by protecting it against corrosion and residue buildup. 

Need more tips to maintain your windscreen wipers? Book an appointment with the experienced service technicians here at Budds’ Chev. We also have a vast inventory of different accessories for your cars, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks.