Why Shouldn’t You Skip Getting Your Car Detailed?

A stock photo of someone wiping down the hood of a car.

Why Is Auto Detailing Important?

When most people think about getting car maintenance, they usually think about things like oil changes, brake replacements or tire rotations. However, we’d like to change your perceptions of the concept and get you thinking about why auto detailing is important. Sure, riding in a clean car is great, but there are several other reasons why you should prioritize getting your vehicle detailed more often. We’ll also answer a couple of common questions about the detailing process along the way. Let’s take a closer look at a few things you might want to consider.

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What Does Detailing Mean?

It would be a mistake to say a car wash is the same thing as having your vehicle detailed. While every professional auto detailer takes a slightly different approach, there are some elements that will be found across the board. Every automotive detailing appointment will treat every part of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. 

Exterior Detailing Processes – Most detailing appointments start with washing the vehicle’s exterior. They will start with a high-power wash that is followed by handwashing the outside with mild detergent and hand drying with a towel. When the outside is dry, some detailing packages will include someone going over the vehicle with a clay bar that will remove any traces of overspray and small particles. Some vehicles will need to have some polish reapplied to protect the paint, and a sealant will be applied over the top of that.

Interior Detailing Processes – Dirt, food crumbs and other particulate matter rapidly collect in a vehicle. The first step of any interior detailing appointment will start with a thorough vacuuming. This will include the floors and seats. A deep cleaning appointment could also include shampooing and scrubbing all of the upholstery. Some detailing shops may end the process with a deodorizing spray.

3 Benefits of Automotive Detailing

1. Maintain Personal Health

After a couple of years of living through a global pandemic, the importance of keeping things as clean as possible cannot be ignored. Bacteria can thrive in a lot of different environments. The inside of an automobile is one of those environments. Bits of dropped food, pets and dead skin cells all contribute to a build-up of bacteria. Additionally, people who suffer from allergies will want to regularly have their vehicle detailed to reduce how much pollen and other allergens are hanging out in a vehicle.

2. Reduce Odours

People spend a lot of time in their cars commuting to work or just running errands. Many of us will have a snack, if not a full meal, along the way. Combine that with everything else that occurs in a car and it’s pretty easy for foul odours to take over. Keeping up with regular detailing appointments can help you get a handle on things before things start to get unbearably smelly. Nobody wants to be the person with a car that nobody wants to enter and can’t wait to exit.

3. Protect Trade-in or Resale Value

First impressions are important in all phases of life. This is especially true when it comes time to sell or trade in your car. You wouldn’t buy a car that looks like it has a mud pit in the backseat, and neither will anyone else. Also, if you save the receipts from each detailing appointment, it will provide potential buyers with some extra and much-needed peace of mind.

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