Chevrolet: New Electric Corvette Could Be Ready for 2023

A Corvette Z06 parked on a race track.

When Will Chevrolet Make an Electric Corvette?

Over the course of the last several months, Chevrolet has announced that electric versions of the Silverado and a couple of crossover SUVs will be available soon. Even before those announcements were made, speculation has been running wild about the automaker developing an electrified version of its world-famous sports car. So, when will Chevrolet make an electric Corvette? A late April 2022 announcement from GM President Mark Reuess on LinkedIn officially made the concept of an electric Corvette a reality. Even better, it appears that we won’t have to wait very long to see these efforts come to fruition.

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Will the Electric Corvette Be Fun to Drive?

We haven’t heard any information about the future performance specs for an electric or hybrid Corvette, but we can confidently estimate that it will be incredibly fun when it’s available in 2023. Like the other major electric platforms to come from Chevrolet, Reuess said that the 2023 Corvette with an electric or hybrid powertrain will employ the innovative Ultium system. Even before the Ultium technology goes on sale, it keeps getting better.

“In addition [to the electric Corvette], we also announced today Ultium Platform’s energy recovery system, a patented onboard system that takes the heat generated by EV batteries and uses it to warm the cabin, create more efficient charging conditions, and even increase vehicle acceleration, Reuess said in a statement on LinkedIn. “And it can boost the vehicle’s range by about 10%. It’s a perfect example of how developing a ground-up EV platform like Ultium enables unique features not easily done with a retrofit.”

Instant Power Delivery to the Wheels

The Corvette almost always has been a very high-performing vehicle platform – especially over the last several model years. Chevrolet has no intention of giving up any of that ground when the next next-generation Corvette starts to arrive at dealerships around North America. Reading between the lines of the GM announcement, we find that a hybrid version will be available first, meaning there will still be a gasoline-powered engine under the hood that will be helped by some electric motors mounted to the axels. 

However, the eventual fully electric model is particularly exciting. Electric motors instantly deliver torque to the wheels, meaning the full-EV Corvette will have acceleration that is simply unmatched by any previous version. Also, all-wheel drive is very likely to be standard equipment for the Corvette EV.

Stay tuned to the Budds’ Chev blog for more updates about the electric Corvette as they become available. Don’t worry if a high-performance electric sports car isn’t for you. There will still be a lot of other options to consider at the Budds’ Chev showroom. Make an appointment to speak with one of our product experts, today.