What Regular Maintenance do Electric Cars Need?


Do Electric Vehicles Need Less Maintenance?

More and more electric vehicles are coming, and they’ll be here to further strengthen the lineup before you know it. In fact, Chevy already has a very good EV available, the Chevy Bolt. Making the switch to electrified vehicles will require vehicle owners to rethink a few things, like how will they charge the batteries and maintain their new EVs. Do electric cars even get oil changes? Well, no. Oil changes aren’t really going to be a thing when EVs hit the mainstream. But, that doesn’t mean the Bolt or any future Chevy electric vehicle won’t require regular appointments at the Budds’ Chevy Service Department.

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What Will EV Maintenance Look Like?

As of right now, Chevrolet only has one EV in production, the Bolt. So, we’re going to focus on the maintenance needs of that platform. An electrified version of the Silverado is going to be officially unveiled very soon and it seems inevitable that more electric crossover SUVs will be developed. It’s very likely that larger and more powerful EV platforms will have additional maintenance needs, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

After every 12,000 km of driving, Chevy Bolt owners will need to rotate their tires. That’s really about it for important regular maintenance. The cabin air filter will need to be replaced every 36,000 km, but that is reported to be such a simple procedure that a lot of people could likely do at home. There is a coolant system for the vehicle’s intricate electrical system, but it only needs to be drained and refilled every 240,000 kilometres. 

Finally, the last thing the automaker asks of Bolt owners is to regularly get their vehicles washed. Every six months. This is likely to make sure potentially corrosive materials like salt are kept away from sensitive electrical components.

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