GMC Hummer EV Features and Equipment

The GMC Hummer EV truck parked in the woods.

What Features Will Be Available on the GMC Hummer EV?

When the first-generation Hummer was originally introduced to the public, it was rightly criticized for being too wildly inefficient to be sustainable. GMC saw an opportunity to deliver customers looking for a Hummer platform with Hummer capabilities but with a vastly more fuel-efficient powertrain. The automaker is using one of the most famous trade shows in the world to show off some of the exciting features and equipment that could be available when the Hummer EV goes on sale in 2023. Let a Budds’ Chevy product expert show a few things you may possibly see.

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“The all-new GMC HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV naturally lend themselves to the growing demand for personalization,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick and GMC. “Their commanding looks draw attention wherever they go, and our accessories portfolio is designed to offer customers more choices to tailor their vehicle with off-road functionality, lifestyle integration and styling enhancements.”

GMC Hummer EV Off-Road Features

People interested in the coming GMC Hummer EV Truck are likely going to be interested in testing its limits. That will likely mean taking the vehicle off-road, which also means they’ll need some specialized equipment. Some of those off-road-ready features will include:

  • Off-road recovery kit
  • 50-inch roof-mounted light bar
  • Front off-road auxiliary lights
  • Rocker protector with assist steps

GMC Hummer EV Technology Features

In order for the GMC Hummer EV to go where its driver wants to go, it will need to be equipped with the latest technology. The available UltraVision system will use up to 18 cameras to let the driver know what kind of obstacles are around them, including what is under them. Additionally, the UltraVision system will come with a telemetry monitor that will inform the driver of the vehicle’s pitch and roll status.

GMC Hummer EV Convenience Features

GMC designers didn’t just focus on items needed to make off-road driving easier, they also included several features that will make the GMC Hummer EV Truck more convenient to use. The convenience features may include:

  • Vertical spare tire carrier
  • Under-seat storage solutions
  • Cargo management rails
  • Sky Panel Storage Tray

Let a Budds’ Chevy product expert know, today, if you would like to reserve a GMC Hummer EV Truck or SUV before it goes on sale.