Why Should You Visit Us for an Oil Change

A stock photo of oil being poured into an engine.

Should You Get Your Oil Changed at a Dealership?

The worst kept secret to making a car, truck or SUV run for a long time is regularly getting its oil changed on time by qualified technicians. When it comes to scheduling a service appointment, it’s very common for someone to wonder, ‘Should I get my oil changed at a dealership?’ We think this is a good idea, obviously. However, there are several excellent reasons to trust the professionals staffing the Budds’ Chevy Service Department. Trusting that the work is done correctly may top many lists, and our team would like to share them with our current and future customers.

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Why Should I Go to Budds’ Chevy for Service?

One of the most important services performed at the Budds’ Chevy is the multipoint inspection that happens during every appointment. The inspection will allow our team to catch small issues before they become major issues. Some of the other reasons to visit the Budds’ Chevy Service Department include:

  • Our technicians are trained in maintaining the latest technology.
  • are continuing to follow COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • can keep track of your service history.
  • and discounts may be available.

Does Budds’ Chevy use OEM-approved parts?

Top-flight technicians using substandard parts is not a workable solution for the long-term health of an automobile. The Budds’ Chevy Service Department only uses factory-approved filters, motor oil, etc., to work on our customers’ vehicles. Using GM-approved parts helps ensure that the car, truck, or SUV continues to operate as designed. A car that employs unapproved aftermarket components could not only lead to a reduced life-cycle but also cause the manufacturer’s warranty to be voided when it’s needed most.

Can I Have Synthetic Oil Put in My Car?

You may be surprised to learn that most vehicles built after 2005 are pretty likely to be using synthetic motor oil. Unless specifically told to do something differently, a Budds’ Chevy technician will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing a car, truck or SUV. There are some scenarios where it may be advisable for vehicles using conventional oil to make the switch to synthetic. Be sure to ask our expert service technicians about making this change that could extend the life of your vehicle.

If you’ve been putting off getting your oil changed, make an appointment with the Budds’ Chevy Service Department today.