The 2019 Chevy Silverado: It’s the Truck You Need

budds-2019-chevy-silveradoIf you’ve ever driven a 2018 Silverado 1500 you’ll know it’s an impressive truck. Quiet and capable, it can haul stuff, tow a trailer or take the family on vacation. So why should you look at the 2019?

Honest answer: it does everything the ‘18 can do and more. It’s bigger and stronger yet more efficient, better equipped and easier to drive. We at Budds’ feel the 2019 Chevy Silverado is definitely the full-size pickup you need.

All-new body

If the outgoing Silverado had presence, this new model positively oozes the stuff. It’s longer than before with a big, bold face. You sit higher in it, which gives an even better view of the road. The cab is bigger, as is the box behind, yet cleverly Chevy has made it more aerodynamic.

Stare at that chiseled face, (imagine John Wayne mixed with Rock Hudson,) and you’ll notice a couple of interesting features. First, the fenders wrap around the front into the grille just beneath the narrow headlights. And second, the fenders also seem to wrap over the bumper.

It’s done to create an “air curtain”, which improves aerodynamics and efficiency. (The Camaro uses the same trick.)

8 trims, 4 engines

There’s a Silverado to suit everyone. If you’re a contractor you might want the Work Truck, (WT,) Custom or Custom Trail Boss. If you need it for weekend hauling you’ll probably look at the LT, RST or LT Trail Boss trims. And if you need a reward for all your years of hard work, well consider the luxurious LTZ and High Country trims.

What we might call the “contractor-grade” Silverado’s come with a Chevy’s sturdy 4.3 liter V6. It’s a tried-and-test powerplant that never disappoints. If you want more grunt though, a 5.3 liter V8 is available.

At the weekender level, you’ll find a 2.7 liter turbo under the hood. Paired with an eight-speed transmission, this delivers just the right combination of torque and fuel efficiency. Note though that the LT Trail Boss actually gets the 5.3 liter with an eight-speed.

If luxury is your thing, well you could get your truck with the standard 5.3—but why would you when there’s a 6.2 available? Mated to a 10-speed transmission and equipped with the latest in cylinder deactivation technology, this is actually quite efficient yet delivers all the power you could need. (It’ll give a Corvette a run for its money, if you felt irresponsible enough to try.)

About that box

budds-2019-chevy-silverado-twoAbove all, a truck is for hauling stuff, and the 2019 Silverado can haul quite a bit more than before. That’s because the box is 178mm wider. It’s also deeper and longer. The bed is made of a higher grade of steel than before too, so it’ll take plenty of knocks. (Cue the commercials with stuff dropping onto the bed.)

Another smart feature about the bed is the tie-downs. There are now a total of 21, some fixed, some moveable, and they’re stronger than before. You can also get LED lighting and a 120V power outlet, if you so desire.

Help with towing

Unless you do it every day, towing is a pain. (It’s probably still a pain if you do tow every day.) For 2019 Chevy has a couple of tricks to make it easier.

The Camera Package includes a feature they call “Hitch Guidance”. This helps you get lined up. And second, there’s an Advanced Trailering System which includes a host of aids, including an app. With this, you can check the electrical connections, manage brake force distribution and more.

New interior too

Complementing the new body and engine, the cab has been completely redesigned inside. As you’d expect, there’s still a choice of Regular, Crew cab and Double cab but they’re even roomier than before. That means space to stretch out and plenty of cubbies for stowing “stuff.”

The center touchscreen provides all the infotainment functions we expect today, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built-in. You’ll also notice that Chevy has stepped up the quality of materials used, and the fit-and-finish is most impressive.

Have it your way

The Silverado has been a great success for Chevy and sells in big numbers. That lets them create lots of variants and options and means there are many ways to configure yours. You could read about the new Silverado online but we’d suggest its best to see it for yourself at Budds’.

Only once you’ve experienced the 2019 Silverado will you know which one you need.