There’s a new Caddy in town

budds-cadillac-xt4Here’s something you’ve never seen before: a compact SUV from Cadillac.

Presenting the Cadillac XT4—for those who don’t want the heft of the Escalade, or even the more moderately-sized XT5. Yes, the XT4 is smaller, but we at Budds’ can confirm it still delivers Cadillac style and luxury.

Let’s dive in for a close-up look.

Size and style

The XT4 will make its debut this fall, which means you’ve likely never seen it in the flesh. (Err… In the “metal?”)

So let’s compare it with a compact SUV many buyers consider “just right”—the 2019 Chevrolet Equinox.

Park them side-by-side and you’ll see they’re exactly the same length at 4.6 m. However, the roofline of XT4 is some 40 mm lower and the car is 40 mm wider. This imparts a more athletic and dynamic appearance to the Caddy.

View the XT4 from the front and you’ll notice the same handsome, chiseled grill, hood and headlights as on its larger siblings. The headlights—LEDs of course—are especially dramatic, flowing up into the fenders and down into vertical daylight running lights.

From the side, you’ll observe the concave door bottoms and how the roof dips gracefully towards the liftgate. Then move around to the back and check out the dramatic vertical LED taillamps. It’s a clean and unfussy design that delivers a unique combination of grace and presence.

Moving to the interior

If you’re familiar with current-generation Cadillacs, you’ll be ready for the sophisticated interior.

But if you’ve never looked inside one before, take a deep breath. Think of Cadillac interior design as “elegant minimalism”. From the 8” touchscreen to the crisply-angled air inlets, this SUV puts everything you need exactly where you want it. Fit and finish are excellent, and top-quality materials are used throughout.

To be practical for a moment, the XT4 offers exceptional rear legroom for a vehicle of this size. There’s also plenty of space for luggage. Leave the split back seat up and there’s 637 liters available. Fold it down and you open up 1,385 liters.

Motive power

The engine in the XT4 is a 2.0-liter turbo. This drives the front wheels through a smooth nine-speed transmission. (All-wheel-drive is also available.) Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters are standard and there’s a choice of drive modes – Tour, Snow/ice and Sport – which adjust the car’s behavior to suit your mood.

For those into numbers, the engine is rated at 177 kW and 350 Nm of torque. Right now, fuel consumption numbers are only available in US units, the combined number (City plus Highway,) being 27 mpg. That equates to about 10.5 L/100 km.

Trims and equipment

budds-cadillac-xt4-interiorThe XT4 will be available in three trims. Rather than good, better, best though, Cadillac have adopted a “Y” split. This means there’s a base Luxury trim, then you can have either Premium Luxury or Sport. These last two are alternatives rather than a progression.

Luxury trim comes with a long list of desirable goodies. For instance, there’s a backup camera and rear park assist. (Sensors that warn when you get close to something.)

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both included with the Cadillac User Experience (CUE), which is the Caddy name for the infotainment system. (Incidentally, if touchscreens show too many fingerprints for your taste the XT4 also offers a rotary control knob.)

The driver’s seat comes with eight-way power and the passenger gets six power adjustments. The audio system has seven speakers, there’s automatic climate control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and something called “active noise cancellation.” This uses what we might call “negative sound” to cancel out any unwanted noises. The result is an exceptionally quiet interior.

Step up to Premium Luxury and you add a list of even nicer stuff. For example, leather upholstery, a power liftgate, and some useful active safety technology. This includes Lane Change Alert and blind spot warning along with rear cross traffic alert.

Go for Sport and you’ll see differences in trim. The XT4 Sport gets a unique grille, gloss back trim and unique taillamp treatments. Inside there’s a choice of carbon fiber or wood trim and you’ll also get to enjoy a special sport steering wheel.

All-new… And very impressive

If you know Cadillac, the XT4 provides all the style and luxury you expect, in a smaller package. If you don’t know Cadillac, take a look at the XT4. You’ll find it an elegant and stylish compact SUV loaded with luxury.

But don’t take our word for it; come and see for yourself at Budds’. The XT4 will be here soon!