Our favourite car videos of the year

We like featuring car videos at Budds’—we try to do it once a month.

So in the spirit of the season, we thought we’d round up our most favourite from the past year and post them here for another look.

Happy New Year, and we’ll see you in 2018 for all the best ’18 Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs and GMCs.

Cadillac at the Oscars

Cadillac debuted three commercials during the Oscars. First up, “Carry.” This opens in black-and-white, playing protest shots with scenes of Americans helping one another. We’re a quarter way in before we see the first Cadillac, a 60’s era model with Marilyn Monroe in front. Then a young Ali dusts the hood of his Caddy and Ike rides in a motorcade before we’re back to the “we are one” message and the tag line, “Dare Greatly.” Powerful? Yes. What did we learn about Cadillac? Well the old cars looked gorgeous.

[youtube id=”2SB4CbFB7OU”]

Next up, “Pedestal.” This reveals the utterly beautiful Escala concept car, likening it to an award-winning actress. Innuendos aside, it grabs the eyeballs and won’t let go, giving tantalizing hints of what Cadillac has in store. Let’s hope the Escala gets built.

[youtube id=”Qfs1w-mcvns”]

Finally, “Pioneers” takes us back again to the classic Caddys. Then finally we see the current generation. First an Escalade slides past, then what might be a CT6, a CTS-V and another CT6. They’re brief glimpses and it’s hard to see much. Maybe that’s the idea, to tease us with hints before letting us view these cars in all their glory. They look good. More important, Cadillac looks like a brand that’s moving forward.

[youtube id=”xMD5KXYJq_w”]

Vintage Cheyenne commercials

Chevy has always made a tough truck, but in the 70s it wasn’t enough to simply say it. You had to prove it.

That’s just what’s happening in this pair of commercials for the Chevy Cheyenne.

Here’s a Cheyenne pulling 187 tons on a level road:

[youtube id=”LL4OeiMjvtk”]

And here’s another pulling a Boeing 747 airplane.

[youtube id=”Y1-gHqov5w8″]

Is the Chevy Colorado ZH2 the new Humvee?

Question: when does a Colorado cost $4 million? When it’s a cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell military prototype.

Feast your eyes on this: the Chevy Colorado ZH2.

And being an environmentally friendly truck, the “green” press is all over it. This from Green Car Reports :

“The Colorado ZH2 is a collaboration between General Motors and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), but its roots are a little more humble.

“Underneath its show-truck body, the ZH2 is a shortened Colorado ZR2 off-road truck with a version of the experimental Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen fuel-cell test-vehicle’s 177-horsepower electric motor and proton-exchange membrane fuel-cell stack.”

Do yourself a favor and check out The Fast Lane Truck’s 8-minute report on this really cool vehicle.

[youtube id=kMLuH4nYVE8]

Here’s a Tour of the Most Expensive Cadillac From 1977

From one Cadillac to another, it’s Doug DeMuro’s profile of a 1977 Cadilac Eldorado.

This from Doug on his website:

“There was a time, in the 1950s and the 1960s, when Cadillac truly built the world standard of luxury cars. There was a time, in the 1980s and 1990s, when Cadillac was a mediocre also-ran primarily peddling depressing badge-engineered attempts at premium cars. And there was a time, in the 1970s, when things were somewhere in between.

I recently had a chance to check out that “somewhere in between” — and I really, really loved it.”

Worth a look if the classics tickle your fancy.

[youtube id=HxHfrc60k8M]

A Century of Chevy Trucks

For 100 years, Chev has been tried, tested and true. These two ads reminisce about a great brand.

In “100 Years of True,” you’ll see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And in “Chevy Trucks: Celebrating a Century of Dependability,” it quickly becomes clear that most Chevy TV ads are about the same thing… For good reason.

[youtube id=4MHvghhonCk]

[youtube id=lhFqwuA4uQY]

1964 GMC Carryall: The Blue Goose — /WHEEL LOVE

Here’s another episode from the Wheel Love program: Brock drives a “Blue Goose”—a 1964 GMC Carryall that has been in the owner’s family for over 40 years.

[youtube id=eEztwOX46Gw]

My Hilarious Journey In A 114 Year Old Cadillac

“Let’s go for a spin in an ’03 Caddy” sounds like a great time… Until you realize the car in question is a 1903—or, yes, 114 years old.

Actually, as you can see in this video from Seen Through Glass, it may have actually been more fun.

[youtube id=vrOiccmDUcQ]

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