OnStar Wi-Fi on the fly

No Router? No Problem. OnStar Wi-Fi Hotspot is here.

Just when we thought life couldn’t get anymore convenient, Wi-Fi hotspots in your vehicle became a reality. In compatible vehicles, now you can set up your OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot for your wireless devices. Amazing isn’t it?

All this new technology can be confusing. But not to worry, we make it simple! It’s as simple to set up as it is to use.


Steps for Setting up your OnStar Wi-Fi Hotspot:

  1.  Press the OnStar Voice command button on your vehicle’s mirror or overhead console
  2. Wait for the prompt then press or say “Wi-Fi settings”
  3. The screen will display the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password
  4. Connect your smartphone, tablet or device to the Wi-Fi network
    a. On your device, you will need to select your settings
    b. Select “Wi-Fi”
    c. Choose the Wi-Fi hotspot and enter the password when prompt
  5. Once you are successfully connected, you have Wi-Fi at your disposal!

Here is a video below demonstrating how easy it is to connect to your OnStar Wi-Fi Hotspot!

The simple process gives you ultimately the ability to use your smartphone or wireless device to the fullest capability while on the road. Now you can enjoy every trip the fullest extent. Enjoy! 🙂