It’s Budds’ video round-up for May!

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They say 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. (We’re not sure how many of those are car videos.)

And if you’re like many people, your viewing habits have changed. Maybe you find yourself watching less TV and more YouTube—or simply squeezing in more online videos when you wouldn’t be watching the box anyway.

Either way, at Budds’ we feel it’s our duty to help you waste time with the best car videos the internet has to offer.

Here are just a few.

Every car in the Fast and Furious movies

Here’s a 20-minute walk-through (from Wired Magazine) of every Fast & Furious car. The man on-screen is Dennis McCarthy, who led the team responsible for building them all the movie cars.

These movies are heavy on the imports, but every so often a “hometown favourite” pops up from Chevy or Buick:

  • The 1969 Yenko Camaro in 2 Fast 2 Furious is probably the best Chev ever built by a dealership.
  • Movie #3 in the series, Fast & Furious, features a Buick Grand National, Buick’s stake in the performance game when American cars were about anything but.
  • Also in Fast & Furious, a 1970 Chevelle SS. McCarthy himself has a 68 Chevelle.
  • It takes untl Furious 7 to see another car from the “good guys” but it’s a nice one—a 1967 Camaro.
  • Finally, in Fate of the Furious, the most recent movie, we see a 1953 Chevrolet Fleetline. What a truck.

[youtube id=”7k7anW4MptU”]

Cars 3 trailer

For something a little lighter, here’s Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm, the next generation of racers, in Cars 3.

Might as well take a peek at the trailer now before your kids drag you to the theatre this summer.

[youtube id=”mYHv3GJtjto”]

Tour Jay Leno’s car collection

If you’ve ever wanted to see how the rich and famous live, here’s CNN behind the scenes with Jay Leno’s car collection. (Sadly, there’s not a Chev among them.)

Watch for Leno revealing a surprise in a competitor’s car: a “Highway Hi-Fi” system—yes, a hideaway record player built into the car.

[youtube id=”2rpbkPLkNms”]


Vintage Cheyenne commercials

Chevy has always made a tough truck, but in the 70s it wasn’t enough to simply say it. You had to prove it.

That’s just what’s happening in this pair of commercials for the Chevy Cheyenne.

Here’s a Cheyenne pulling 187 tons on a level road:

[youtube id=”LL4OeiMjvtk”]

And here’s another pulling a Boeing 747 airplane.

[youtube id=”Y1-gHqov5w8″]

Cadillac CTS-V drag race

Bet you thought the CTS-V was fast enough on its own.

Think again.

This enterprising young gentleman has rammed the biggest turbo he could find under the hood. Modded, it hits 291kph in just 7.65 seconds.

[youtube id=”MKV1xeM8OEY”]

2017 Cadillac CTS-V unboxing from CarBuzz

If you fancy your CTS-Vs a little more down to earth (just a little) here’s an extended look at the at the 2017 Cadillac CTS-V from CarBuzz.

[youtube id=”azeqoWOBV2E”]

SuperCarTube also did an interior and exterior walkaround at the New York Auto Show.

[youtube id=”cmkdFLzgECk”]

OK, now get off YouTube and get into Budds’

Videos are great, but think of all the time you could be spending at Budds’, test-driving a car of your own instead of just looking at somebody else’s.

When you’re ready, we’re here.