When does it make sense to upgrade your car?

businesswoman receiving keys after upgrading car

It’s a fact of car ownership: eventually your vehicle will grow old, start to wear out and need replacing… and you’ll need to start thinking about whether to upgrade your car.

Because you’ll change too. Kids will come along, become teen drivers, and then leave home. One pet will turn into two. Or you’ll decide to stop golfing and start skiing.

And what was once the pride and joy of your driveway suddenly won’t be big enough—or maybe it’ll be too big—and you’ll starting to wish you had the latest bells and whistles.

Many car owners wait longer than they should to replace or upgrade their ride with a new or used car. After all, changing cars is a hassle, right? (Not anymore, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.)

Here are 5 signs you should start thinking about a new vehicle.

1. Your lifestyle has changed, and your car no longer meets your needs.

Are you driving around alone in a 7-seat SUV and feeling ridiculous? Maybe you’re struggling to fit “sports kids” and all their gear into a compact hatchback? These are signs of a mismatch between your vehicle and your life.

Driving the wrong car not only cramps your style—it can limit opportunities to do the things you want. Do the right thing… and recognize it’s time to upgrade to something a little bigger or smaller.

2. Your car is out of warranty.

When you look at cars even 20 or 30 years old, today’s vehicles are remarkably reliable. That said, parts still wear out, which means the likelihood of mechanical or electrical problems increases the longer you’ve had your car

So you’ll probably be spending, in other words, more on repairs as your car ages. (To say nothing of the risk of you and your family getting stranded at the side of the road.)

And it’s not just high mileage vehicles that suffer. Frequent short journeys cause a lot of wear and tear—meaning that 7-year-old car with only 50,000km isn’t in as good shape as you think it is. (Plus, rubber components like hoses and belts need replacing after six to eight years, even if you never drive anywhere.)

The fact is simple—the older your car is, the more chance there is of things simply breaking. Upgrade now to avoid the hassle.

budds gas pump3. You want to make fewer trips to the pump.

Perhaps you’re looking to save money, or maybe you want to do your bit for the environment. Either way, modern engines are far more efficient than those from just a few years ago, and transmissions are more advanced. That means even a typical compact SUV can get 8 L/100km or more. Some sedans, even upscale models loaded with features, do even better.

How does that compare with your current ride? With a newer car, you could you be emitting less CO2 per km—and keeping more dollars in your pocket.

4. You’d like to be safer—or want your family to be

Car makers—Chevy, GMC, Buick, Cadillac or anyone else—pay attention to crash test results, and as standards keep getting tougher they have to build safer vehicles. Upgrading to a new or newer vehicle puts you and your loved ones in a car that will protect them better if worse comes to worst and you get in an accident.

But advanced technology can now help drivers avoid accidents too, rather than just protecting them. Rear view cameras and cross traffic sensors help prevent low-speed accidents. And available features like Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert can help alert you to problems before they become catastrophes. (You might think these add-ons are overkill, but even though you hope never to need them, it’s still good to have them.)

5. You want better technology.

Can you believe that if you’re still listening to CDs, you’re behind the times?

Most modern vehicles come with a USB port that lets you listen in your car to music on your phone or on a memory stick. Bluetooth connectivity is increasingly common too, allowing you to stream music or use your phone hands-free. Many 2017 Chevs, GMCs, Buicks and Cadillacs even incorporate Apple CarPlay—turning your vehicle into a giant, rolling iPhone.

If it’s time to upgrade your car, talk to Budds’

Many car owners delay replacing or upgrading their ride even when they know they should. But there’s no need to put up with outdated technology or inferior safety features.

Visit a reputable car dealership with professional staff who’ll treat you with respect—a dealership like Budds’ Chev. We can help you understand your options and make the upgrading process hassle-free.

Plus, you may even qualify for one of our regular upgrade events—ask us for details!