How to find a car dealership that puts your needs first

Blog Post by Madison D’Angelo
February 11th, 2015

What sets Budds’ Chev apart from the rest?

When it comes to car dealerships and car salesmen, there are many misconceptions. You’ll find countless articles written about the “secrets” of dealerships and what salesmen “won’t tell you“… all the while claiming to give you the tools to arm yourself against the nasty sales workers and their devious tricks and schemes. Sounds ridiculous, right?

But these stereotypes didn’t come from nowhere. Although the auto business has changed drastically, it is possible that you could come across a dealership like the one mentioned above. However, what industry doesn’t have their share of untrustworthy operators? Online retailers that never send your purchase, or send a different one all together. Websites that sell your personal information to advertisers. Contractors, who take your money but don’t finish the job. Food chains, that will never quite tell you what you just put in your mouth. Credit card companies and banks, who hit you with hidden fees and exploit loopholes in their contracts. Every industry has its sharks.

So how do you find a car dealer that puts your needs first? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering a dealership. And although you may want to choose a dealership based solely on price, remember that you also want to pick a dealership that you feel happy giving your business to. One that you can build a relationship with. That way, you continue to reap the benefits when you come back for service, parts, and for your next vehicle.

Here’s what sets Budds’ Chev apart from other dealerships, and what you should consider when choosing a dealership:

1. A reputation for customer satisfaction. When choosing a dealership, do your research! Read Google reviews, and DealerRater reviews. Ask people you know for their experiences. There’s a reason Budds’ Chev was awarded the 2015 Cadillac and Chevrolet dealer of the nation.

2. Nice facilities. Does the dealership have a lounge area with free coffee and snacks? Can you sit comfortably and watch TV and do some work? Do they have colouring books for children? We do. Why not take a virtual tour of our brand new dealership?

3. Are the employees smiling? It’s pretty easy to tell when employees hate their job, and don’t get along with each other. At Budds’ Chev, we are a family business and we treat each other like family. You will never find a business with more employees smiling and laughing than here.

4. Check out their social media. You can learn a lot about a dealership by watching their youtube videos, or checking out their Facebook page. We take pride in sharing interesting, informative, and amusing things with our customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to name a few. And yes… We have been known to wear fake moustaches, leprechaun suits, and Santa costumes  in our videos once in a while!

5. Does the dealership have community involvement? Nothing says “we care” more than this. If a dealership cares about its community, you can feel confident that they care about you as a customer. Budds’ Chev not only donates to many organizations but sponsors little league baseball, the Oakville Jazz Festival, Midnight Madness, and more.

So come see for yourself! Take a visit to our dealership and you will feel welcome, and at home. There’s a reason we love our jobs, and we want you to love your dealership as much as you love your car.