Up to Speed: 7 More Great Car Stories You Don’t Want to Miss

Up to Speed is our own curated list of auto news that you should be reading.

So far this month we have seen famous car blogs review horses, famous race car drivers pull hilarious pranks on car bloggers, and stolen vehicles returned after 30 years.

This Week’s Car News to get you Up to Speed

A Look into the RearMirror of the Future.  Live cameras are going to be replacing mundane pieces of glass on many cars of the future.

Guess Which Chevrolet’s Have Been Added to the 2014 40 mpg Club!

Top Car Technologies at the Geneva Auto Show.  An experimental car has been created that utilizes as many bio-based car parts as it possibly can, and minimizes the number of petro-based car parts.

Dubai Purchases 1.6 million dollar police car.  Don’t miss the 24 epic pictures of these truly amazing police cars.

Learn how Chevrolet vehicles will become 4G LTE hotspots.  See how Chevy is introducing the largest deployment of 4G LTE services in the auto industry.

See how this 1962 Corvette was pulled out of the sink hole.  While 2 Corvettes were pulled with relative ease, saving the 1962 was far more difficult.

Do you know what a “Flowtie” is? See why this new car innovation for the Camaro is so important.

Should the Nurburgring be sold?  A group of investors have banded together to purchase the legendary German race track, the Nurburgring.  But should this really be up for sale?

Now You’re Up to Speed!

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