Up to Speed: 6 Car News Stories Everyone Should Read

This week, on Up to Speed we recount some of the entertaining stories in the world of cars.  We’ve got NASCAR race drivers in high speed chases, stolen cars, and even a breaking story of cars being nominated for Oscars.

Are these really the best 10 cars that should make a comeback?

Our vote is definitely for the El Camino.  Which cars would you like to see brought back?

Watch Jeff Gordon run from the cops!

This journalist from has absolutely no idea the crazy ride he’s in for!

Do you know how much 59 cars from the James Bond films are worth?

Since the Academy Awards were this weekend, it seemed like the right time to pose this question: What is your favorite movie car of all time?

Stolen 57 Chevrolet Bel Air returned to rightful owner 30 years later.

Does driving stick really make you a better driver?

“There are an increasing number of endangered species in this turbulent world of ours, but none is rushing to extinction faster than the driver who can get from A to B in a stick-shift car.”

 Now you’re up to speed!

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