How much do you love your car?

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we’re here to give you some ideas on what to buy for your one and only. Forget the flowers. This year, get her the gifts she really wants.

Pamper her:
Why not take your love for a refresher? Replace her spark plugs, replace her ignition wires, check her overall engine operation, and keep her running smooth and improve her fuel economy and emissions.

Make her feel young again:
Remember when she was brand new? When she smelled nice, she sparkled in the sun, and when she was spotless? … Why not take her for a good detailing so you can relive the day you met.

Dress her up:
One word: accessories. She will love them. Thule racks to tonneau covers, floor mats to fog lights, splash guards to spoilers, dress her up from headlights to tow hitch.

Give her your all:
Want to show her you love her, but don’t have a lot of time? Try a Quick Lube Special which includes a digital alignment check, digital brakes efficiency test, fluid top-ups, battery state of health, tire depth and condition, along with oil and filter replacement, all for $49 in just 39 minutes.