GM Cars in Hollywood

General Motors and its presence in Hollywood:

When I first started researching to write this blog post about GM vehicles and their presence in Hollywood and among various celebrities, I never realized how difficult it was going to be. Almost every actor, singer, rapper, pro athlete, dancer, comedian, TV host, any other talented celebrity, or Kardashian owns a GM vehicle.

Now this very well could be because of the number of vehicles a celebrity is able to purchase. More money = more cars = higher likelihood of one being a GM. But When I started to look a little deeper I noticed that not only do celebrities own them, but drive them often, and even speak publicly about how much they enjoy them.

When I put myself in the shoes of the rich and famous, I automatically imagine my collection consisting of only the most exotic imports, the fastest sports cars, the concept cars, the newest technology, and the most customized.  Although I wasn’t surprised to find countless Escalades, classic Impalas, and various-aged Camaros and Corvettes, I’ve decided to skip over the predictable, and only mention the celebrity-owned vehicles I find most interesting and unexpected.

  1. Hybrids: Yes, it’s true! Celebrities drive hybrid cars. Paris Hilton is one of many who decided to make the change for the environment and bought herself a GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid for her birthday.
  2. Pontiacs: Who says Pontiacs are dead? Not only are they still being driven, but they are being coveted by A-list celebrities. My personal favourites include 50 Cent’s Pontiac G8 and Snoop Dog… I mean Lion’s Parisienne. But I didn’t just find the classic and sporty Pontiacs. Kate Beckinsale has a Grand Am.
  3. Chevy Trucks: Many stars, like Shia Laboeuf, drive newer Chevy trucks like the new Silverados. Channing Tatum has a classic Chevy truck, and Lady Gaga rolls in an El Camino.
  4. Volts: Not only do celebrities drive hybrids… but extended-range electric vehicles! The Chevy Volt is owned and loved by stars like NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon and actress/Broadway star Kristin Bell.
  5. An Oldsmobile: A 1999 Oldsmobile Alero never crossed my mind when it came to the rich and famous. But Zac Efron’s grandfather left one to him, so that’s what he drives!
  6. A GMC Typhoon:  One of the most surprising definitely has to be Clint Eastwood and his 1992 GMC Typhoon… His favourite car, it does happen to have a turbo V6 engine!
  7. A Chevy Sonic: Although Rob Dyrdek, pro skateboarder and actor/producer, normally drives a GMC Tahoe, he also purchased a Chevy Sonic… Really? Yes, and he then proceeded to flip it 360 degrees, just like a skateboard!!