Blog Post by Madison D’Angelo

April 15, 2013

Advantages of GM Vehicles:

When looking for a new vehicle, there are so many options that it can be hard to compare every brand side by side. Let’s take a look at what puts GM cars one step above…

…Just remember the GM C’s.

When you buy a GM vehicle, be assured that you will be:


GM is still, to this day, one of the three global giants in the auto world with Volkswagen and Toyota.. with over 100 years of experience. GM also still holds the place for the best powertrain warranty in business (5 year/ 160 000 km for GMC and Chev, 6 year/ 110 000 km for Cadillac and Buick), so you can be confident that you have made a decision with the best coverage.

The biggest factor of confidence on the road is safety. When buying GM, you can be confident that your vehicle will have the most up-to-date safely technology. GM tests the vehicles extensively, and even engineers NEW safety equipment all the time. Did you know that GM developed the air-bag and was the first to make it standard on their cars?


When you take your car in for service, you can be sure that the technicians in the GM dealership and all of the parts we use are certified. Also, you will not have to pay the outrageous prices for premium oil-changes that you would need for imports. You could even… don’t be too shocked… change the oil yourself!

If you’re looking to buy used, you should definitely know about GM’s Certified Pre-Owned program, the #1 CPO program in Canada. This gives you another huge advantage for buying GM. Read about it before looking anywhere else.


The technology in our homes today is amazing, so why not have it in your car? GM vehicles have many technological advantages:

With OnStar, you are more connected than ever. You are as close as you can be to help if you get lost, or in an accident. Wherever you are, you and your family can feel secure that help is at your fingertips.

In most new GM vehicles, you can be safe and connected to the ones you love with Bluetooth. With this technology, you’ll have hands-free functionality for your mobile phone to let you drive safely.

Standard in most new and used GM vehicles, you’ll have a 3 month trial subscription for Sirius XM Satellite Radio. This means your favourite music, sports, news and more, wherever you are, with no commercials.

Start your car, lock your doors, check your fuel and oil levels– from anywhere, from your smartphone. Control your phone and media from a touch screen– in your car. With GM’s MyLink (Intellilink) app, all this is possible AND MORE.

Cared for

Most importantly, when you buy a GM vehicle you are CARED FOR. We will take care of you as best we can. You will have 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, as well as courtesy transportation if you need servicing.

Not fully convinced? Stop by our dealership, talk to our helpful sales associates and see why so many people prefer GM.