General Motors introduces a Chevy Sonic to a wall

Allow us a moment to revisit a video game classic… Sonic, boom! Our Guile moment is inspired by General Motors, which has released video of the compact Chevrolet Sonic undergoing crash testing. The diminutive hatchback is loaded up with a healthy heaping of safety technology that ranges from a plethora of sensors to high-strength steel.

The body of the Sonic utilizes the heavy-duty steel in the frame rails, around the door openings and roof supports. In fact, high-strength steel is used throughout 60 per cent of the body structure. Couple that with ten airbags, and the interior of the Sonic is a relatively safe place to be in the event of an accident. All of those airbags are controlled by a system of sensors that also monitor the angle of travel, speed and points of impact.

Watch the videos below to see how the Sonic handles an offset frontal impact at over 60 km/h. Note that the videos look small, but there’s an option to view them in full screen. Enjoy!