2017 chevy volt

With hybrid and fully electric cars more and more in the news, maybe you’ve been thinking about giving the gas station a pass. If that’s the case, read on—here’s a handy guide from Budds&...Read More

budds new or used

With summer winding down, 2018 model year vehicles are going to be arriving on the Budds’ lot soon. That in itself is not news. 2018s start to make their way to consumers at this time every yea...Read More

2017 buick enclave

A recent news item about the most Googled cars in the United States made us at Budds’ sit up and take notice—number one in several spots across the country was the 2017 Buick Enclave. So...Read More

budds gm brands

It’s time for another of our “in the news” wrap-ups—where we at Budds’ collect all the interesting and exciting things we find on the web about GM brands and share them with you. If you...Read More

Woman gazing into crystal ball

If you’ve been waiting for the new 2018 models to come out before you purchase a new vehicle, you don’t have long to wait. Today we’re spotlighting four of GM’s new vehicles to whe...Read More

Car maintenance servicing mechanic pouring new oil lubricant into the car engine, A mechanic pours fresh oil into a car engine as part of its maintenance

The more you put into a car, the more you’re likely to get out of it. Make sense, right? Unfortunately, people sometimes ignore this simple fact. This is especially true when it comes to mainte...Read More

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